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If you own or manager a car or RV sales lot, you need to keep your overhead to an absolute minimum. One big expense is keeping your cars clean—and that means no bird droppings on roofs, windows and doors. Besides being unsightly, bird droppings can damage your cars or RVs—clogging up AC vents and awning controls, and jamming up doors and windows. Your maintenance crew can be working day and night to keep your RVs clean and safe from bird damage. Washing off bird droppings takes time. And repairing bird damaged cars or RVs costs you money. These are expenses you don’t need right now.
The solution is to implement some effective bird controls, proven bird deterrents that will keep your maintenance staff working on other much-needed projects and jobs. Here are three bird control devices the experts recommend:
1. Bird Scare Visual Deterrents
You may already have banners and balloons tethered to your RVs. But adding professionally designed Visual Scare Bird Deterrents will keep pest birds away. Choose Flash Tape and Reflective Banners, which are specially designed to snap in the breeze and reflect sunlight to intimidate birds. Or get Scare Eye Diverters and Bird Scare Balloons, which feature large mock eyes to convince birds a huge predator is eyeing them for their next meal. All are easy to hang just about anywhere, and they can be moved around wherever pest birds have become a problem.
2. Bird Chase Super Sonic
Designed for deterring pest birds from large outdoor areas like car lots, the Bird Chase Super Sonic System covers a full acre with intimidating sounds birds hate to hear. Additional portable speakers are easily added to extend the effective range to a full five acres. Unlike ultrasonic systems that send out signals birds can’t hear, the Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts predator and distress calls within the hearing range of birds. The sounds resemble normal bird calls so they won’t annoy your customers. You can program the system to turn off at night and on in the morning when birds become most active. The Bird Chase Super Sonic emits distress and predator calls for 22 types of birds, so your car lot is protected against virtually any type of bird.
3. Red-Tail Hawk Decoys
Pest birds are keenly aware of their natural predators. Some birds will actually post “lookouts” to warn their flock of imminent danger. Red Tail Hawk Decoys exploit this fear, which is why they are so effective in deterring pest birds. Hawks hunt during the day when most pest birds are active, so hawk decoys are better than owl decoys. These decoys work best when they’re realistic looking and moved about frequently. Birds are clever little critters and won’t be fooled by poorly made imitations or those left in once place for too long. Your decoy should also be well made (heavy duty plastic) to last for years in sun and rain.

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