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November 13 2012 3 13 /11 /November /2012 19:06

Get rid of Pigeons, Get rid of pigeons with pigeon control products.

by Alex A. Kecskes

Pigeons are smarter than the average bird. In fact, they're one of the most intelligent birds around. They can recognize their own reflection in a mirror, a feat only 6 species and no other non-mammal can perform. They can also recognize all 26 letters of the English alphabet. They can even differentiate between two different human beings in a photograph when rewarded with food for their efforts. It's no wonder pigeon control has presented such a challenge.

The Days of Shotguns, Cannon and Poisons Are Over

There's a whole new breed of pigeon control solutions. Borne out of society's increasing need to control the damage caused by pigeons, these new devices have proven successful in deterring the winged pests from our homes, boats, parks and commercial buildings. Property owners began to realize that the cute little bird had a nasty habit of pooping all over everything, that these droppings could transmit any of 60 known diseases. And amidst the rising chorus of environmentalist's objections to killing or harming these birds, the mantra of humane deterrent was born.

Spiked No-Landing Zone

Pigeon's fly well but sooner or later, they have to land. And when they do, they don't want to make things complicated. Bird spikes do that. These pigeon control devices have blunted splayed-out spikes that no bird wants to deal with, which makes pigeon spikes both humane and highly effective. Spikes are available in rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate or high durability stainless steel. You can also get girder spikes, recommended for keeping pigeons off girders or I-beams. Finally, there's the gutter spike, which will keep your rain gutters free of nesting pigeons.

Trap and Release

Here's an effective pigeon control device for those with just a few annoying pigeons. The pigeon motel is basically a live-trap cage that lets you move the offending birds to an out of the way location. These sturdy galvanized wire cages can be used indoors or out. The typical trap will have a funnel trap door that let birds in and an easy access door that lets you get them out.

The Net Result: No Pest Pigeons

Bird netting is an ideal pigeon control solution that relies basically on the barrier method of deterring pest birds. Bird netting has been widely used to keep pigeons from gathering on rooftops, courtyards, patio covers, and other large areas. The best netting is made of ISO 1806 mesh test polyethylene fabric, U.V. stabilized, flame resistant and rot and waterproof.

Pigeons Will Make Tracks…and Leave

Commercial property owners have used electric track devices as an effective pigeon control solution for years. Pigeons are quick to leave after landing on these electrified tracks. One mild jolt of juice is usually all it takes to convince them this is no place to land or nest. Ideal for ledges, signs and other elevated or out-of-reach areas, the tracks install easily and are virtually invisible from below.

Sounds like Pigeon Control to me

Pigeons, all birds, really, are fairly tuned in to sounds around them. Which is what sonic pigeon control devices fully exploit. These nifty devices produce a variety of annoying distress and predator calls. One sonic system emits the distress and predator calls of over 22 types of birds. This includes the sound of Peregrine falcons--a pigeon's worst enemy--defending their territory. The best sonic systems will continually alter the pitch, frequency, timing and intensity of the sounds they emit. Since the sounds are emitted in a random fashion, pigeons are constantly on a state of alert--a condition not conducive to nesting. Sonic bird deterrents are ideal for gardens, rooftops, courtyards, pool areas and other large open areas.


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