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February 21 2014 6 21 /02 /February /2014 23:07
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As a facilities superintendent for a college or university, you need to make sure pest birds don’t deface and damage various parts of the campus. If your educational institution is like most, it will have many older buildings with places where bird pests can perch and roost. When birds find a place they like, they’ll leave unsightly trails of bird droppings that deface signage, spires, towers, monument fascia, window ledges, and rooflines. Birds can also damage roofs, uplifting shingles to cause leaks.
Lethal means to rid your campus of pest birds are not only ineffective, but frowned upon by the environmentally conscious attitudes of most institutions. Fortunately, there are several ways to effectively and humanely deter pest birds from your campus. Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird-B-Gone recommend:
Bird Spikes for Rooflines, Lighting Fixtures
Birds love to perch on rooflines and light poles. Bird-B-Gone Bird Stainless Steel Bird Spikes won’t allow them to land. These durable bird deterrents feature rows of stainless steel spikes embedded in a UV-protected polycarbonate base. Bird spikes have been used worldwide to deter pest birds from elevated areas for many years. The spiked strips come in two-foot sections and three different widths—3-, 5- and 8-inch—to match the width of the area in need of protection. The base of each spiked strip is just 1.5 inches wide, so it can be installed on narrow surfaces using screws, tie downs or glue.
Sonic Bird Deterrents Scare Birds from Large Areas
Birds react to sounds 10 times faster than humans. Combine this with that fact that birds are always on the alert for predators (like hawks and falcons) and you have the makings of an effective bird deterrent for large areas. Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts distress and predator calls that intimidate birds, convincing them that a threat is present. Unlike ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds birds can’t hear, the Bird Chase system is fully audible to birds, yet it won’t annoy students or faculty. The device comes with a built-in speaker that will cover up to an acre. Additional speakers can be added to extend the coverage area to a full five acres.
Bird Jolt Flat Track to Keep Pest Birds Off Signage
Ideal for signage or for areas when bird spikes would be unsuitable or impractical, Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Jolt Flat Track imparts a harmless but convincing shock to the toes of any bird brave enough to set foot on its electrified surface. The low-profile track is virtually invisible, rising just 1/4" at its highest point. Its UV-protected PVC base bends 360° and is completely waterproof. It’s the only electric bird deterrent track with a patented anti-arcing design to prevent track short outs. It’s also the only system with patented glue troughs along the base to insulate the track’s conductors.

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