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July 26 2012 5 26 /07 /July /2012 18:58

Bird Proof Netting, Get rid of birds with bird netting.

Fire crews recently had to close off a road in Dorset, England as they mounted an 11-man rescue operation. The victim? A pigeon trapped in bird netting above a restaurant.

Two fully equipped fire engines with an aerial ladder platform arrived on the scene. When police officers arrived, they were accompanied by an RSPCA officer. To reach the trapped bird, an aerial ladder was carefully moved into position--to the building's third story. The RSPCA officer even  discovered a dead bird while they released the bird that had become trapped. While some may regard this as an overkill of emergency resources, from the RSPCA’s point of view, a life is a life.

One way to have avoided the cost of resorting to such a huge commitment in emergency resources would have been to call an experienced bird control company--like Bird-B-Gone. Professional bird control companies have the expertise and the equipment to remove trapped birds like pigeons from lofty areas covered with bird netting.

Of course, this problem could have been avoided entirely had the restaurant owner contracted the job to an experienced pest bird control company. Such a company would have properly installed the bird netting so as not to allow pigeons or other pest birds to find a way around the netting and become trapped by it.
Improperly installed bird netting has resulted in many birds becoming trapped, injured and killed. All the more reason to use a professional bird netting installer. Companies like Bird-B-Gone, for example,  offer a wide range of bird netting solutions. They know that installing bird netting takes special care. For large buildings,  like restaurants, bird netting should be installed properly by Authorized Bird Control Installers. These installations often call for hundreds or even thousands of square feet of netting, special boom lifts and power gear. If the netting is improperly installed, it will droop and sag, allowing birds to enter through gaps.

Experienced bird netting installers will also be able to choose the right netting for the application. Heavy-duty bird netting comes in 1-1/8- to 2-inch mesh for blocking out gulls, crows and pigeons; and 3/4-inch mesh for keeping out smaller birds like sparrows. Professional netting installers will use high quality bird netting that lasts through many seasons of punishing weather. The best heavy-duty netting is made of high-strength polyethylene. This netting meets ISO 1806 protocols, is UV stabilized, flame resistant and rot- and water-proof.

In some cases, even if birds do manage to sneak behind the netting, there are ways to save these birds. Bird•B•Gone, for example,  offers a product called Bird-Scape. It lets birds out when they are trapped behind netting. This netting accessory has a funnel that birds can fly out of, but not back into. Bird Scape is easily installed directly into bird netting with hog rings. 

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