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September 30 2013 2 30 /09 /September /2013 18:25

http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i441/birdbgone/SolarSonic-005_zpseec77115.jpgIf pest birds are leaving bird poop all over your patio tables, chairs, loungers and BBQ, you need some bird control. If you’re tired of hosing bird droppings off your walkways, fencing, decorative garden features and kids outdoor gym toys, it’s time for some serious, professional bird control measures. Shooing birds away with noisemakers, water hoses or other home remedies only goes so far. Birds always come back.  

Bird droppings left to gather can permanently damage your patio furniture, awnings and umbrellas. These droppings also carry disease—any of 60 known diseases, including salmonella and histoplasmosis (causing respiratory problems). If you really want to address the problem of pest birds, you have to use proven bird deterrents that are both effective and humane. That’s where today’s bird control experts come in. One of the newest bird deterrents currently available is the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic.

Deters a Virtual Aviary of Birds Species

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is the ideal all-in-one bird deterrent. It broadcasts the pre-recorded distress and predator calls of over 22 species of birds, including pigeons, crows, gulls, starlings, woodpeckers and grackles. You can set it to deter a specific bird or just leave it on its "general" setting to deter multiple bird species. This way, you effectively protect your backyard from today’s most common bird problems. The distress and predator calls are repeated every ten minutes to keep birds away. You can program the device to turn on or off at night. There’s also a volume control that lets you adjust the sound output intensity—anywhere from 65-105 decibels.

Birds Hear and Flee

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic takes full advantage of a bird’s natural alertness and sensitive hearing. A bird’s hearing range is much like a human’s, which is why some ultrasonic bird deterrents are ineffective, since they produce sounds above a bird’s hearing range. Better still, the sounds emitted by the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic are harmless and resemble normal birdcalls to the human ear, so they won’t bother pets or neighbors.

Ideal for Large Open Spaces

Scientifically designed to deter birds from large open spaces, the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is the ideal pest bird deterrent for backyards, rooftops and spacious gardens. It’s ruggedly designed for outdoor use and constructed of UV-protected materials to make it sun and weather resistant. You can readily place it wherever pest birds flock or gather.  

Solar Powered and Sustainable

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is powered by sustainable solar energy. So it’s more efficient during daylight. It also includes rechargeable batteries for efficient nighttime operation. A handy LCD display panel shows you operating status and settings at a glance. The device comes with one internal speaker that easily covers up to an acre of property.

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