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February 23 2012 5 23 /02 /February /2012 17:07

by Alex A. Kecskes

Your neighbor had woodpeckers peck holes in his beautiful wood siding. It was a sight to see. Holes everywhere--as if his house had been hit with shotguns. He finally decided to get some bird deterrents. They won’t be bothering his house anymore—they’ll be coming to your house. Because you didn’t install any bird deterrents. And you’ve got some really “tasty” wood siding.  So as far as the woodpeckers are concerned, it’s open season on your property. They’ll come in the spring. A few at first, looking for insects, digging and poking, And once they’ve discovered a food source, they’ll turn your siding into Swiss cheese. 

You’ll bang pots, put the water hose to them, maybe hit a few with your BB gun, but they’ll be back. They love cedar and redwood and the bark on that favorite old tree your kids play on. Try to destroy them or mess with their nests and you could be fined. Woodpeckers, you see, are classified as migratory non-game birds and are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

What you need to protect your home and that favorite tree are some serious and humane woodpecker deterrents. No need to harm the little peckers, just convince them to move on. Here are a few suggestions from the pros:

Woodpecker Deterrent Kits

One proven way to get rid of woodpeckers is with a Wood Pecker Deterrent Kit. These include one Bird Repeller Balloon, a 50-foot roll of Flash Tape, and exactly the right hardware to hang these deterrents.

All birds get real nervous around shiny wavy things, especially if they make noise. Flash Tape Banners crinkle in the breeze and reflect sunlight, which is enough to spook most birds. It’s the same with Bird Repeller Balloons. These beachball-size deterrents feature a big “predator eye,” and when they bob and weave in the breeze, birds think it’s some huge predator ready to pounce on them. To ensure woodpeckers believe these are real threats, it’s best to move them around from time to time.

Lightweight Plastic Bird Netting

This popular bird deterrent works on the principle of exclusion. It physically blocks out birds from roosting and nesting. And they have to do that to feel comfortable while pecking and looking for food. Plastic bird netting comes in several mesh sizes. To keep out woodpeckers, you’ll need 3/4-inch mesh netting. Some manufacturers even offer bird netting in a variety of colors to match your home's exterior.  To keep woodpeckers away from your siding, you should install bird netting in overhanging eaves or any other nooks and crannies where woodpeckers search for food.

So there you have it: two effective ways to keep your neighbor’s woodpeckers from invading your property. Don’t wait too long, though. Once they’ve invaded your property, it’s hard to get rid of them.

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