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April 18 2012 4 18 /04 /April /2012 16:44
crow bird deterrents, get rid of birds with bird control products

by Alex A. Kecskes

If you’ve been invaded by crows, you know the damage they can do to your garden.  When they’re looking for worms or nightcrawlers, they can dig dozens of holes in your lawn in just a few minutes. Crows can also damage your prized flowers. And they can be extremely noisy, even in small flocks.

New research has shown that crows are among the most intelligent animals on the planet.  They can recognize individual human faces and pick them out of a crowd. They will also work together to defend their territories and use “spotters” as lookouts to warn the flock of impending danger. Without effective bird control, they’ll quickly ruin your garden.

If your thinking of shooting or poisoning them, crows are protected by federal law. While they can be hunted in certain states during specific times of the year, it’s best to check with your local fish and game department before attempting to shoot crows, or you could be in violation of the law. Of course, unless you live in the wide open country, with no kids or pets around, these draconian measures are too dangerous and impractical.

The best way to keep crows out of your garden is to use the bird control devices today's professionals use. Here are three suggestions:

Sonic Bird Deterrents

If you have a large garden, Sonic Bird Deterrents will deter crows from a wide area. They work on a bird’s psyche by emitting pre-recorded distress and predator calls. Crows will react to these sounds and avoid your garden. If your garden is also being attacked by other birds, you might want to invest in the system that emits distress and predator calls for 22 different species of birds. This system will cover an entire acre and you can program it to turn on or off at night.

Bird Spiders

Ideal for protecting specific areas of your garden, Bird Spiders have long spindly legs that whip about threateningly in the breeze to discourage crows from landing. Place one or two on a pedestal in your garden, and crows will avoid landing anywhere near them. Bird spiders come in several arm lengths to offer wider and wider areas of protection.


Using a motion-activated sensor to detect any bird’s approach, Scarecrows deliver a harmless but quite convincing blast of water to keep crows out of your garden. The devices connect easily to any standard garden hose and will protect a 1,200 square feet area (or a 35-foot by 45-foot wide swath). You can also adjust the sensitivity and blast radius to you specific needs.

Scare Balloons

These balloons are covered with a large eye, and will bob and weave in the breeze to appear lifelike and intimidate crows. The balloons can be attached just about anywhere, but should be moved around often—remember, crows are extremely intelligent.

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