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February 18 2014 3 18 /02 /February /2014 17:30
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Pest birds are always looking for a place to roost and nest on commercial property. And once they've settled on a building or warehouse, they tend to gather in greater numbers on rooftops, parapet walls, windowsills and other elevated ledges.

Without effective bird control measures to deter them, pest birds can deface and damage these areas fairly quickly. Bird droppings are not just unsightly. The acid in bird droppings can corrode metal and eventually erode stone. Bird droppings can jam up windows, doors, rooftop ventilators and skylights. This waste can also render moveable security cameras inoperative, “locking up” gimbal mechanisms. Droppings can damage expensive AC units by seizing up fans. Bird nests and droppings can even clog rain gutters and down pipes, causing rooftops to overflow with water. Some roof sections have actually collapsed due to bird damage.

Bird droppings are also unhealthy. They can carry any of 60 known diseases—like salmonellosis. This makes pest birds particularly hazardous in areas where food is stored, processed or served. Finally, bird droppings on walkways and entryways to a commercial building can create serious slip-and-fall hazards. Wet bird poop can be as slippery as a banana peel.

Failing to implement an effective bird deterrent strategy can saddle a commercial property owner with expensive cleanups, repairs and even legal liabilities. Fortunately, there’s a bird deterrent that gets rid of bird pests humanely, simply by denying them a place to land—it’s called Bird Slope.

Pest Birds Can’t Get a Grip

Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Slope is ideal for use on open ledges that meet at a 90-degree angle. Pest birds simply slide off these angled, slippery PVC panels whenever they try to land. The sloped panels install easily on eaves, ledges, beams and similar areas frequented by birds. And they are equally effective against all types of birds.

Up to 10 inches of Bird Deterrence

Bird Slope comes in 4-foot long sections and is sold 48 feet per box. The panels are easily screwed, glued or nailed to virtually any flat surface. A handy "snap on" extender makes it easy to adapt to ledges as wide as 10 inches. (The basic bird slope, without an extender can protect a 6-inch wide ledge.) You can also get mounting clips to install the panels vertically on the sides of buildings. Some Bird Slopes even come with “end caps” to prevent birds from getting behind the panels.

Aesthetic Solution to Bird Pest Problems

To blend in with its surroundings, Bird Slope is now available in two colors--stone and grey. Each panel is made of UV-protected PVC material to make it more resistant to sun and harsh weather. If you're installing Bird Slope next to electrical wiring, the panels are non-conductive for extra safety. A glue trough on underside of each panel makes for easy installation using standard outdoor polyurethane adhesive.

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