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Bird Deterrents, Get rid of birds with bird deterrent products.


If your commercial property is being inundated by large birds--like pigeons, crows or gulls--you’ll need to address the situation promptly with some effective bird control. While the temptation is to ignore the birds, shoo them away, or blast them with a water hose, these measures are only temporary. Complaints from tenants will eventually force you to take action.

One of the best bird control devices is the tried and true bird spike. It’s been used successfully for years to deter pest birds from properties large and small.

Light, Medium and Heavy “Bird Pressure”

How should I install bird spikes? This is an often-asked question. And the answer depends on your specific bird problem. For “Heavy Bird Pressure” environments, you would want to go with a heavy concentration of Stainless Steel bird spikes. Bird pressure indicates how determined a bird is to remain in the area.  Heavy pressure areas are characterized by a high volume of birds nesting or roosting at the site with a food or water source nearby. Medium Pressure will draw only a handful of birds to a food or afternoon resting site, which may not be used for nesting or roosting. Light Pressure sites lack food or shelter, causing birds to stop only briefly during the day.

Where and How to Install Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

When installing Stainless Steel Bird Spikes in a heavy pressure environment, place them close together and make sure you cover all possible perching places. This includes ledges, I-beams, parapet walls, signs and conduits.  The best bird spikes will allow you to install them on flat or curved surfaces. (Look for bird spikes that feature a “bend-and-crush” design.) The rows of spiked strips come in 3-, 5- and 8-inch widths and two-foot sections. The 3-inch spikes will provide 2 to 4 inches of coverage on a 5-inch wide ledge; the 5-inch spikes will cover 5 to 7-inches on a 7-inch wide ledge; and the 8-inch spikes will cover 8 to 10 inches on a 10-inch wide ledge. Your bird spike should have up to 40 spikes per foot. It should have a “no-nest” design with no-gap spacing to prevent birds from roosting or landing.

Poly Bird Spikes

You can also get bird spikes made of rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate. These, too, are ideal for deterring pigeons, seagulls or larger birds. And you can use them to deter birds in Light to Heavy Bird Pressure environments. These spikes come in 3-, 5- and 7-inch widths and two-foot sections. Here, 3-inch spikes will provide 1 to 5 inches of coverage on a 5-inch wide ledge; the 5-inch spikes will cover 5 to 7-inches on a 7-inch wide ledge; and the 7-inch spikes will cover 6 to 9 inches on a 9-inch wide ledge. Poly spikes also offer a cosmetic advantage--they come in 7 colors so they are less noticeable when installed.

Like their stainless steel counterparts, plastic bird spikes can be easily glued, screwed or tied down to virtually any surface.


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