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Get rid of geese, get rid of geese with goose control products and repellents


If your home is close to the ocean, a river, lake, reservoir, or large pond, you’ve probably had a run-in with geese. They munch on your lawn and on your aquatic and decorative plants. Canada geese will do even more damage, weighing up to 24 pounds, they can trample most gardens flat, leave a huge mess, and even chase small pets and toddlers, giving them quite a scare.

If you have any type of water feature—pool, spa, fountain or pond—they can quickly contaminate it with droppings. These droppings can cause bacterial and algae problems. They also carry diseases, including swimmer’s itch, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis and giardia.

If you’re tempted to use pellet guns, poisons or other lethal means, keep in mind that Canada geese are a protected species under state and federal law.  It’s illegal to hunt or kill them. Only humane goose deterrents are allowed.  So what can you do?

For starters, you should clear away any tall reeds and plants around your home. You should also increase the angle of any embankments near water around your home. Once you’ve done that, it's wise to invest in some effective, humane goose deterrents. Fortunately, there are several you can choose to get rid of geese:

Goose-B-Gone Super Sonic Goose Deterrent

This advanced sound goose deterrent system broadcasts a series of pre-recorded goose distress calls. The calls are recorded in their natural habitat and repeated every 10 minutes. Geese, being ever alert to danger, will avoid the area and move on. The ruggedly constructed unit is weather-resistant and comes with a built-in speaker that covers up to an acre of property. If you have a large property, you can add more speakers to ensure maximum coverage. The unit can be set to shut off automatically at night. And unlike other goose sound deterrents that play high-pitched ultrasonic noises (which geese can’t hear anyway), the Super Sonic won’t bother your neighbors or pets.


Geese get a sobering but harmless surprise when they enter a Scarecrow’s radius of protection—a healthy blast of water from the Scarecrow’s sprinkler head. Geese will be persuaded by the water blast and opt not to return.  Scarecrows connect easily to most garden hoses and they cover 1,200 square feet  (about 35 feet by 45 feet). Both the sensitivity and the coverage area can be fine tuned to the needs of your yard.

Migrate Goose Repellent

Known as a taste-aversion goose repellent, Migrate is a non-toxic liquid that makes grass and other plants inedible to geese. The active ingredient--a grape extract known as Methyl Anthranilate--irritates a goose's trigeminal nerves and mucous membranes. Not to worry, it’s safe for use around people, geese and pets. This goose repellent comes in a gallon container, which is enough for about 16,000 square feet. The repellent lasts a full three months and won't wash off with rain or watering.

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