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While most birds are nice to look at and we love to hear them sing, they can be destructive to a garden. They can nibble away at the ripening fruit on your peach, apple, or pear trees.  And they can wreak havoc with your vegetable plants, making them inedible. Birds also like to munch on corn and sunflower plants. And they’ll pick seeds right out of the ground after you’ve painstakingly planted and nurtured them.

If you want to protect your fruits and vegetable from pest birds, you’ll need to take some proactive steps in the form of bird deterrents. Chances are you’ve tried banging pots, water hoses and similar means to deter pest birds from your garden only to be frustrated when they return the minute you go back in the house You may also have tried hanging reflective CDs and setting up little windmills. But the birds quickly got used to them and now totally ignore them. You’re at your wits end in getting rid of the birds, but at the same time, you don’t have the heart to injure the poor things with poisons or pellet guns.

Fortunately, there is a humane, effective bird deterrent that will keep an entire flock of birds away from your garden. It’s called the Bird-B-Gone Sonic Shield™.

Birds take Flight at this Sound and Light

The Bird-B-Gone Sonic Shield™ was scientifically designed to fully exploit a bird’s natural fear of sudden bright lights and alarming sounds. Its motion sensor springs into action the very second a bird enters its zone of protection. Once activated, the Sonic Shield broadcasts a loud dog barking sound and flashing LED light to scare any bird away. It acts as your 24/7 garden sentry.

Give Birds the Fright, Day or Night

The Sonic Shield™ has two modes of operation: a daytime mode and a nighttime mode. In the daytime mode, flashing LED lights and loud barking dog sounds work together to scare birds out of your garden. In the nighttime mode, only bright flashing LED lights are used to scare birds away—ideal for areas where night noises would wake up the neighbors. Regardless of which mode you choose, the Sonic Shield™ will get rid of a wide range of birds that have been molesting your garden and fruit trees. It’s also far better than ultrasonic deterrents, which emit sounds most birds can’t even hear.

Mount it anywhere

Easy to set up and use, the Sonic Shield™ is the bird pest bird deterrent that’s completely portable and self-contained. It can be easily placed wherever birds are gathering—on a branch in your fruit tree, on your fence, or even under your patio cover. It runs on four standard AA batteries, so there are no AC cords to string along your garden to power the unit.

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