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August 7 2012 3 07 /08 /August /2012 19:56

goose control sonic

by Alex A. Kecskes

If you live on or near a lake, you no doubt will have a problem with geese. You can try firecrackers, dogs, and blasting them with a water hose, but they will return within a few days. Besides their annoying squawking and the smelly droppings they leave behind, geese have been known to carry bird flu. Known as avian flu, this disease is caused by a form of influenza virus that typically only infects birds. Yet, in some cases, the virus can be transmitted to humans by direct contact with birds. Experts are worried that the bird flu could mutate into a new form that can rapidly spread from person to person.

The only sure fire way to get rid of geese from your backyard is to use the kind of goose control measures the professionals use. These devices have been proven effective and humane.

Sonic Goose Deterrent

Designed to deter geese from large open spaces, backyards and gardens, these devices broadcast pre-recorded goose-distress calls that make geese far too nervous to hang around your property.The sounds are repeated every ten minutes to alert geese of imminent danger. The best sonic goose deterrents are weatherproof and designed to last outdoors. They come with a volume control and can even be programmed to turn on or off at night.Sonic goose deterrents typically come with an internal speaker that will cover big backyards—up to one acre. If you own a really large property, you can protect it from invading geese by adding more speakers to the unit. The additional speakers include 100 feet of wire and connect easily to the back of the unit.

Scarecrow Goose Deterrent

Imagine if you could stand guard 24/7 with a water hose, and the minute a goose wandered near your lawn or garden, you hit it with a sobering blast of water. Do you think geese would get the message that your property is off limits to them? Think of Scarecrows as your silent sentry, ever alert to the mere presence of geese. These motion-activated devices react instantly to any birds entering their zone of protection. They feature a realistic looking bird-like moving head that blasts water at invading birds who dare to enter a 1,200 square foot area that extends 35 feet out by 45 feet wide. Scarecrows connect easily to most garden hoses. You can even adjust a Scarecrow’s sensitivity and range to cover certain areas of your yard.

Scary Eye Balloons

Undoubtedly one of the most economical goose deterrents, Scary Eye Balloons work well when used in combination with the two deterrents mentioned above. These balloons feature a large, scary “mock” predator eyeball that makes geese feel far too uneasy to hang around. Easily hung on trees, patios, fences or any highly elevated area around your yard, these balloons bob and weave in the breeze to give them a lifelike quality.

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