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April 25 2012 4 25 /04 /April /2012 17:04

crow bird control, get rid of crows

by Alex A. Kecskes

Some homes just attract the wrong kinds of birds. If your home is beginning to draw flocks of crows, it’s time you got some bird deterrents worth crowing about. In other words, you need effective, humane bird deterrents that will get rid of those black birds once and for all.

Crows are not dummies. They live in close communities and work together to defend their territories. Working in teams, they’ll use “spotters” as lookouts to warn the flock of impending danger. These birds are omnivorous scavengers that will devour virtually anything, including discarded food in and around garbage cans. Without effective bird control, they’ll hop on patio table and feast on your outdoor BBQ dinner.  

If no food is immediately accessible, crows have been known to tear up lawns looking for grubs. If you have this problem, treat your lawn for grubs to keep the crows from doing any more damage. Removing the source of food is one way to discourage crows, but the sure fire way to get rid of crows is to use the bird control devices today's professionals use. Here are three suggestions:
Crows Dislike Spikes

Bird Spikes have been used for years to deter all manner of birds. And they can  be particularly effective against crows. The reason is simple: crows just can’t seem to negotiate a landing on or near them. Bird spikes come in long-lasting stainless steel or rigid unbreakable polycarbonate. They also come in several colors to blend in with their surroundings. The spiked strips are virtually maintenance free. The best bird spikes come with predrilled holes and glue troughs for fast, easy installation on patio covers and rooftops.

Crows Hate Spiders

Bird Spiders have long spindly legs that flagellate in the breeze to whip crows away. Place one or two on your patio covers, near your solar panels, or other elevated flat surfaces, and crows will think twice before landing anywhere near them. Bird spiders come in several arm lengths to accommodate a specific problem area.

Scarecrows  Scare  Crows

Employing the latest in bird sensing technology, these advanced devices spring to life the second a crow enters their radius of protection.  Crows who dare to invade this protected space get hit with a blast of water and startling sprinkler sound. It’s enough to scare the pants off any bird. Using these devices is an ideal and very humane way of discouraging crows from gardens, backyards, pools, spas and many outdoor areas.

Balloons Bug Crows

Crows are nervous creatures. Predator Eye Balloons work on a crow’s fear of predators. The balloons sport a large eye, and will bob and weave in the breeze to make crows really uneasy—too uneasy to hang around. Best of all, these balloons are relatively inexpensive. And you can hang them just about anywhere. Just remember to move them around occasionally so crows don’t get too used to them.

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