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September 13 2012 5 13 /09 /September /2012 17:07

Keep boats bird free., Keep boats bird free with bird control products.


There are still plenty of weeks left to enjoy your boat. Excursions and boat parties seem to ramp up as the summer ends. If you’re planning a party or holiday excursion with friends and family, the last thing you want to worry about are pest birds—like gulls, crows and pigeons—dumping all over your dock and boat.

You know form past experience that cleaning up bird droppings and rotting fish parts can be a real nuisance. You’ve also learned that if you lay out any kind of food on a boat, you’ll draw uninvited guests. Unless you’ve implemented some bird control on your boat or dock, gulls will dive in and pick food plates clean--in a matter of seconds. Besides the loss of food, birds carry any of 60 known diseases, so you certainly don’t want that in your food or anywhere near you boat.

If you’ve tried other bird deterrent methods with no success, and if you’re tired of scrubbing off bird droppings from bow to stern, it’s time to use what the professional bird control experts recommend. It’s time to invest in some serious, humane and proven effective pest bird deterrents.

One new device is rapidly gaining popularity among boat owners. It’s called the Repeller 360°. This nifty little device spins in the wind (no external power is required) to prevent large birds such as gulls, pigeons and crows from landing on boat dock and docked boat. The device sweeps around in a 6-foot diameter circle and keeps birds from landing and roosting near it. Two "sails" mounted at both ends of a Repeller 360°’s stainless steel arms feature reflective bird predator eyes. When the arms spin in the wind, birds won’t go near the perceived threat.

The Repeller 360° is quality constructed and made in the USA. Its stainless steel arms are securely attached to a UV-protected polycarbonate base. Installation is a snap. Just place the Repeller 360° over the center pin and press down to hold the unit in place. Insert the locking pin at the side for a secure hold. Unfold the arms so the sails are positioned opposite of each other. Adhere the stickers to each sail. And that’s it. You can also get various mounting options, including removable boat bases available through Bird-B-Gone. The unit is easy to store away for later use.

The best place to mount a Repeller 360° is on the flat areas of your boat or canvas covers. Its day and night sweeping action will act like a sentry to keep gulls away. On the dock, you should place a few on dock pillars or posts and let the wind do the rest.

Your boat or dock will now be protected from pest gulls, crows, pigeons and other birds. Sure beats standing on your dock or boat 24/7 with a hose or air horn.

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