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September 25 2013 4 25 /09 /September /2013 18:24

protect pond fishYou spent a ton of money on the exotic fish in your pond. Maybe you even put a dozen koi in your prized water feature. Family and friends look down and see a wonderland of beautiful fish. But one day, you went to feed your gorgeous koi only to discover that half were missing. You looked up and saw a long-beaked heron or crane on your fence. You grabbed your garden hose and blasted the evil bird, realizing your koi were being digested in the bird’s stomach.


To protect the rest of your fish, you sat in your lawn chair with the water nozzle in your hand, just waiting for the blasted bird to re-appear. After several hours, you went inside, wondering what to do. Thoughts of shooting the bird or poisoning it crossed your mind, but you soon found out that’s illegal, since herons and cranes are protected by law. Trapping the birds can get complicated, since the big birds often injure themselves trying to escape. Besides, getting rid of one bird is no guarantee others one won’t show up to take its place.


Fortunately, there is one humane and highly effective product that will keep your prized fish from being eaten by stealthy herons and cranes. It literally makes your pond bird-proof.  


Introducing the Pond Defender™


This unique, innovative product finally offers a foolproof and inexpensive solution to protect expensive fish in ponds and water features. The clever device prevents koi and other prized fish from being preyed upon by skillful and determined herons and cranes.


Easy to set up and visually unobtrusive, the Pond Defender™ gives your fish a safe hiding place that’s out of reach of winged predators. The 12 interlocking plastic discs float just below the surface of your pond. The visually pleasing geometric shape efficiently prevents herons and cranes from reaching your fish. You can easily arrange the discs to fit virtually any shape pond or water garden. The discs allow underwater plants to grow through their geometric openings. You can even stack two rows of Pond Defender™ discs to prevent really long-beaked birds from poking and injuring your fish. The discs are made of a UV-protected plastic (polypropylene), so they’ll not only last a long time but can easily be removed for cleaning.


Each package of Pond Defender™ includes twelve discs that are easily snapped together to form a ring around the edge of your pond. The design leaves an open center, which allows fish to be seen, yet quickly seek cover and concealment. The black discs are barely noticeable and create an effective barrier between predator birds and your fish. You can enjoy your fish without the need for netting or other visually obtrusive deterrents.  

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