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February 5 2013 3 05 /02 /February /2013 17:04

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A rooftop patio or terrace can be a great place to relax and throw parties. You may have decorative outdoor furniture and plants throughout these areas. One problem with rooftop patios and terraces is the birds they draw. Birds often use these areas for roosting and nesting. Fail to implement effective bird control to keep birds off these rooftop areas and you’ll have to constantly clean the area and possibly make repairs.

Bird droppings can quickly cover your furniture, chairs and plants, necessitating constant cleanups. Even outdoor chairs, chaise lounges and umbrellas can become permanently damaged by the acidic nature of bird droppings. Portable gas heaters can  become covered with bird droppings and, if not cleaned, can emit a terrible stench once turned on. Bird droppings can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards for you and your guests. Even if birds do no significant damage, the unsightly appearance and smell of this refuse can ruin the appearance of your terrace, patio or balcony. Keep in mind too, that bird droppings can carry any of 60 known diseases.

The solution, of course, is to install effective bird control measures now—before the birds arrive.  Here are a few bird deterrents the pros recommend:

Bird•B•Gone Sonic Shield™

This ingenious device scares birds and other critters away from yards, patios, decks, balconies and terraces using sound and light. It’s easily installed just about anywhere and runs on 4 AA batteries. The device has two modes of operation: daytime mode to repel birds using loud eagle sounds (a predator for most birds and a nighttime mode that uses only flashing LED lights for areas where night noises are not allowed.

Red Tail Hawks

A skilled and deadly predator, Red tail hawks are feared by most birds. Which is why Hawk Decoys can be so effective in bird control. These decorative decoys are easily placed around your patio, terrace or balcony. The best hawk decoys are made of heavy duty plastic and will stay realistic looking season after season. Place them in high visibility areas and re-position them from time to time. The decoy may be a dummy, birds are not.

Sonic Deterrents

Birds are always alert to threatening sounds. Which is why Sonic Bird Deterrents are so effective in keeping birds off patios, terraces and balconies. These devices emit pre-recorded distress and predator calls that birds instantly regard as a threat. If your patio, terrace or balcony is being invaded by various species of birds, consider getting the Bird Chase Super Sonic. It emits distress and predator calls for 22 different species of birds.

Visual Bird Deterrents

Easy to hang just about anywhere, Visual Bird Deterrents include Flash Tape and Reflective Banners, which reflect sunlight and rattle in the wind, and Scare Eye Diverters and Bird Scare Balloons adorned with large predator eyes to frighten birds. The important thing to remember about Visual Bird Deterrents is to move them around from time to time.

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